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What is ReDesign

What is ReDesign you ask,…………Its what I call

The Affordable Alternative to Interior Design. By using what you currently own and by adding just a few decor elements and a plan for the room I can help you completely change your look. Here is one of my favourite example.

This country home was out in the beautiful Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Calgary AB, bordering on Crown Land which is perfect for these owners and their horses.

With this client, she had a love for antiques. Here in the before. Im not the greatest photographer,  This is a split living room, family room shared by a two sided fireplace.


They didn’t use the living space very often and wanted a place where company could sit visiting after a dinner party or for afternoon tea. So I came up with an idea that they loved.

Here it is


 I created a usable space for after dinner drinks, board game area, afternoon tea or a relaxing place to have coffee in the morning overlooking the beautiful foothills of the Rockies. 


Clients- Existing chairs and vintage rug and two different but matching chairs from another room in the house.

Purchase- an antique round table second hand ( a must for this client, no new furniture for her)

A Beautiful canvas picture of an old style Parisian Door, a pair of decor shutters, pillow and decor to pull the room together.

Why is this one of my favourites?

Because it shows no matter what you have currently………

a room can become a beautiful reflection of yourself with a few added touches.

The clients where over the moon!!

The crazy thing I found out was she actually spent a few years over in India living abroad and this room couldnt be more perfect for them.

I hope you like it!!  


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