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My Favorite Designer Trends for 2018

I must say Im loving some of the new trends this year!  So here are my top 4 favs that  that will add personality and a little drama to any design scheme no matter what your design style is. 



This is one of the largest changes in the interior design, and I must say, one of my favourites and it just feels right. Curves and smooth edges, are now replacing the straight or boxy edged design features in furniture and in architecture. From Tufted soft round edged or curved seated sofas, to all things arched in architecture! It looks like we are tired of the straight line and  rectangular shapes and we are moving toward round curves and smooth fabrics.

Instant Arch!- If you aren’t doing any renos in the near future try bringing in a beautiful arched floor mirror, or how about a round mirror for the powder room. Mantel mirror anyone?

Statement Ceiling

Statement ceilings have made a an entrance to 2018 interior design trends. I cant tell you how much I love this! If you feel that the new geometric patterned ceiling trend is too eccentric for you, try either a wood panel ceiling, a beautiful yet simple gloss ceiling or paint your ceiling a bold colours.

Pattern Tile

Pattern tiles are becoming more popular and more accessible. The tiles, which often feature intricate patterns, can accommodate any budget. Not only do these tiles work in a traditional setting, but they can work with a modern style as well.Their patterns are gorgeous and fun and add a sense of history and depth to any space. Consider using them in your kitchen or as they are frequently used, in a bathroom for flooring.

Instant Pattern!- Try painting your  wood floors with an interesting pattern! Instant personality with a beautiful result.

Plants and more Plants

Following last year’s trend, our love of house plants is still going strong!  For those of us who lack a green thumb, try a framed plant or a Botanical print, or water colour art is also a great choice! Lucky for you, I have some beautiful example of some cute framed plants and prints.  Plants are not only affordable the also give you an instant freshen up feel to any space.


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