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Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Island Ideas in 2019

The kitchen has always been the space for family gatherings. Apart from their practicality, kitchen islands can totally transform the architectural aspect of your kitchen and you can personalize them to suit your style. Here are Four of my favorite!

Double Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is spacious, you can use two medium sized kitchen islands in the middle of the room or side by side.



Extended Table from The Island

Add an extended table to your kitchen island. For the clean minimal look keep to the same finishes or if you like a more traditional, or farmhouse feel, have the extended table made of wood.



Professional Kitchen Island

Using a kitchen island made from full stainless-steel material will give a professional look to your kitchen.


Photo from Fixer Upper

Antique Island

If you love antiques this is a creative way of adding your personality to any kitchen. By using an antique piece of furniture that is counter height you have turned any kitchen into an eye catching working space.



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