Fresh Air and Fresh Style Ahead. 4 Outdoor Patio must haves * Let's Get Decorating

Fresh Air and Fresh Style Ahead. 4 Outdoor Patio must haves

Whether you have a tiny balcony or a large garden we can all agree this is the time to be outside and enjoying the weather.

Here are some of my favorite ideas.


Tile It


An eye-catching tile on the patio can make all the difference. Choose a whimsical pattern with bright colors and then use more timeless and neutral furniture that won’t overwhelm the eye.


Swing Bed Seating


Oversized Seating is a must to have on a large porch. This  swing beds, literally each having twin mattress topped with Euro pillows, for that midday snooze. This custom swing hangs from pergola and is finished with a fire table.


Outdoor Kitchen

This one might not be new idea but let’s agree this one is taking it up another level with the finishes. For the smaller patios this one is designated on a lower patio add on, and is for anyone who loves to grill.


Don’t forget the Bar


If you can’t splurge on a second kitchen, a window might do. Why I like this one is its extend counter is made from granite for easy clean up. It’ll make passing food easier and bring the outdoors in.

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